Friday, July 18, 2008

Live Art > some places

hey synergy team - was great to work with you all that last 2 days. excellent work being made and some great risks being taken. you look like a good ensemble. work on that! anyhow - below some places of live art interest:

forced entertainment (uk performance collective i mentioned)

some great excerpts from 'tragedia endogonidia' - by italian group, societas raffaello sanzio (a lot of disturbances and exquisite perversions)

pvi collective (perth-based media/performance group i work with as a sound artist)

live art development agency (uk-based, but a great resource of downloadable texts, online book store, links...)

performance space (sydney centre for interdisciplinary arts/contemporary performance)

unreasonable adults (my live art collective)


some adelaide dates you might want to put in your diary if you want to see me do stuff ;-)

8 august - felt space (12 compton st, adelaide)
a sound art performance
myself, tristan louth-robins, ii (melbourne)
entry by donation - 7pm

fri 15 & sat 16 august
in-progress live screening/installation/performance
unreasonable adults: "if not for you then who: essays on fear & desire"
@ headquarters studio
15 kingston avenue, richmond sa
free entry : 7:30pm
rsvp to jason (at) unreasonablefilms (dot) com

fri 29 august
my album launch (of sound art/experimental music)
with tristan louth-robins
EMU space (5th floor, schulz building!)
$10 - 8pm

if ya wanna join the live performance mailing list send me 'subscribe to performance' email to jason (at) unreasonablefilms (dot) com


ok if i think of other things i'll post 'em during the week.

have a great rest-of-synergy.


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