Monday, July 28, 2008

Final Presentations

Thanks everyone for an excellent final performance and installation..
Well done.. I have had some really good feedback...
Will post video soon..
I am looking forward to some comments and future works!

Lynne ...

Here is a snap of us all after the final performance.... and a few glasses of wine :)

1 comment:

tenso said...

Hey All
I also will have a copy of videoed practice and 'final presentations' material next week some time, as Im busy with SALA editing for this Friday and Saturday right now... and first week back at Uni...
Who might be interested in a copy?
can u email me care of my email address if you are and I will burn for you_and mabye post?
or is there another idea on how to hand you a copy let me know?
hope you are all well
and I bet reflecting some as I am
on what we could have done better etc
It would be good to know what went well, hey
bye for now